SAN Monel 400 Sheathed Flat Heaters

The Monel 400 sheathed heaters are truly unique heaters. In addition to the SAN switch point heating technology design the heaters are sheathed in a Monel 400 alloy sheathing.

The Monel 400 alloy is the perfect metal for harsh salt environments such as rail. Monel 400 is near impervious to salt and most chemicals – it is used in under sea applications for cabling.

The ability to stand up to these harsh environments has allowed us to offer a 10 year warranty on the switch point heaters with the Monel 400 sheathing. This is the best warranty in the industry and is based on Mean Time Before Failure (MTBF) of over 250,000 hours. This is in comparison to typical stainless steel MTBFs of about 50,000 hours which are typically 3 year warranties.

Note that any company that provides a warranty, with stainless steel, above 3 years is not using the MTBF to base it and as such puts the product at risk. This means that the product will fail according to the MTBF statistics, the company may replace the heater on their dime but does not cover the customer labor cost and risk of stopping a train.

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