European Rail Heating Technology

Enhanced with U.S. Production & Support

About Us

We are Nibe Element Railway Solutions - North America. We work with and utilize NIBE European sister companies, such as SAN Electro Heat, to provide dependable and innovative heating technology and heating solutions to North America. Omni Controls Technology , out of Whitinsville - MA, provides final production and product support for infrastructure products as Heatron provides final production and product support for onboard systems.

Our Focus

  • North American Rail Focus with European rail heating technology - innovative & built to last
  • Extreme heat when needed with nominal energy efficiency
  • Maximum heat in an autonomous energy efficient arena
  • Fit to any type track layout or interlocking complexity

What We Offer

2022 RSSI C&S Exhibition

Nibe Element will be at the 2022 RSSI Show. Contact us and let us know youll be at the show. We'd love to chat.
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A switch heating and third rail heating control system that utilizes weather sensors, rail sensors and predictive services to control the rail heat autonomously. More Info...

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An application developed heating cable solution, powered by the overhead wire system itself, which will increase traffic regularity and reduce cost for expensive ice-remover-vehicle and teams.
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