San Electro Flat Heaters

The SAN Electro Heat Flat electric heaters are designed to be energy efficient heaters that have a maximum thermal conductivity to the rail. Optimal thermal conductivity is achieved through delivering the heaters without coiling, straight, so they have no coiled memory. Coiled memory will never be able to be remedied and will leave inefficient heating gaps to the rail.

The construct of the SAN Flat heaters is designed around helix elements that produce the heat. These helix elements are completey encapsulated in a highly compressed magnesioum oxide. The connections of these flat heaters are completely sealed so there is no danger of water intrusion.

The SAN Flat Heater has the slimmest profile of any flat heater. This allows the heater to easily fit in the gaps of track braces without removal of any hardware – in fact the profile is so slim we can fit 2 heaters in the gap of a Pettibone track brace.

SAN and OMNI provide stainless steel “knock on” clips that wrap around the rail and can be easily tapped on or off of the rail – no drilling or special tools are required.

Although we have pointed out he heaters are delivered straight they can be bent at the factory to accommodate special applications.

The San Flat heaters come in wattages of 100 watts/ft to 300 watts/ft in lengths from 4ft to 24ft.

The thermal conductivity of the flat heater, without coiling, has an equivalent wattage factor of approximately 60% more conductive heat than a round tubular heater. This means that a San Flat heater that generates 250 watts/ft will have a thermal conductive equivalent to a round tubular heater at 400 watts/ft.

SAN Electro Heat & Omni Control Technology produce and market two types of their flat heaters that support the lengths and wattages referenced above:

San Monel 400 Sheathed Flat Heaters

San Stainless Steel Flat Heaters

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