NIBE Element Railway Solutions
North America

Providing Advanced European Rail Heating
Technology to North American Rail

NIBE Element Railway Solutions North America

NIBE Element Railway Solutions North America is an extension of the European NIBE Rail products offered in Europe and then Modified & Produced in the United States

The NIBE Rail Heating Companies That Produce & Support These Products in North Amaerica are:

  • NIBE Group
  • SAN Electro Heat a/s
  • Omni Control Technology
  • Hotwatt
  • Backer

NIBE Element Railway Solutions products are available for both rail transit and rail freight markets. The products range from infrastructure based heating products to onboard heating products. The technology was borne from the European Rail Transit solutions and North American infrastructure and technology for the North American rail markets.

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NIBE Group

Nibe Group

NIBE - World Class Solutions in Heating Technology

NIBE is a The NIBE Group is a distinct grouping of companies concentrated on heating – worldwide with headquarters in Sweden. The NIBE Element Railway Solutions group is a sperate grouping of the NIBE Group concentrated in Railway heating solutions - worldwide. The NIBE Element Railway Solutions – North America group is part of the NIBE Element Railway Solutions group that is concentrated in providing heating solutions to North America.

Backer Group - North America

Backer Group

Backer Group - North America America

The Backer Group North America is a group of heating companies, including the NIBE Element Railway Solutions companies located in North America, with Headquarters in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.



OMNI Control Technology

Omni Control Tech

Omni Control Technology

Omni Control Technology is a production and support company located in Whitinsville, Massachusetts. Omni works closely with SAN Electro Heat in bringing over the European heating solutions for rail and provides production for these solutions and support out of the Whitinsville office.

SAN Electro Heat

San Electro

San Electro Heat

SAN Electro Heat is a Rail Heating Solutions company based out of Denmark. They have developed innovative heating solutonsfor Rail in switch heating, catenary heating, 3rdrail heating and other specialized solutions. Their heating solutions include autonomous heating controllers that work with an array of rail sensors, weather sensors and predictive services to provide an energy conscience optimized heat while being able to address the most demanding heating needs.


Hotwatt logo

Backer Hotwatt

Backer Hotwatt, located in Danvers, MA, is a leader in manufacturing resistance heating elements. Hotwatt's tubular switch point and crib heaters provide a cost effective solution for legacy and replacement heating.



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