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NIBE’s Blue Engine Heating systems automate control of rail heating. This not only takes “Man out of the loop” it also streamlines the heating process such that heat is only applied to weather and rail conditions.

The Blue Engine is available in 3 heating applications, Switch HeatingBlue Point, Catenary HeatingBlue Wire and 3rd rail heatingBlue Rail.

A tremendous energy savings is realized through autonomously applying heat on demand. The NIBE Heating systems also provides remote diagnostics to proactively, in real time, identify failures and anomalies and notify the customer of the same.

The Blue Point Switch Heating system provides a dual element heating application. This design uses a patented Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) scheme that allows the controller to “dial” in the effective wattage needed for said weather condition.

The PWM effective wattage uses a duty cycle of 0% - off to 100% - full dual elements for extreme conditions where 50% is nominal wattage.

Nibe Element's Blue Point Ddal element system provides extreme heat when needed, is nominally energy efficient and has an isolated redundant element for guaranteed heat.

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